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Learn Why And How To Crate Train Your Puppy

Tweet Dogs are den-dwelling animals. With that being the case, you can understand why a dog would find comfort and safety in a crate or small kennel. Puppies and dogs enjoy having a place to themselves where they know nothing can get at them, or is expected of them. Let’s take a look at the […]


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The Chewy Puppy, Learn The R.E.S.T. Method

Tweet Do you have a chewy puppy? Learn the R.E.S.T. method. What, did you adopt Lassie or the Tasmanian Devil? While a new puppy is cute and cuddly, things can go crazy fast! Before you know it, you can have a mini-tornado on your hands; a whirling dervish of chewing and biting and furniture stuffing […]


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How To Keep Your Sanity With A New Puppy

Tweet How do you keep your sanity now that you’ve brought a new puppy into your family. Congratulations! Now that the celebration is out of the way… do you really know what you are getting into? Are you prepared for the lack of sleep, the constant attention, the misunderstandings, the persistent chewing, the messes on […]


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Introducing Your New Puppy Into The Family

Tweet Blending The Pack Bringing a new puppy home is a fun time for all. The kids are thrilled to have such a fun, furry friend and the parents are excited to have a playmate for the family. Then reality hits. Soon, it becomes clear that puppies and kids don’t always mix. Relax and don’t […]


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Essential Toys For Your New Puppy To Learn And Play

Tweet Just like children, puppies need toys that they can learn from as well as play with. Play toys are a great teaching aid for your puppy. Toys are a great way to help you play with your puppy, or to distract them while you take a little break. It’s no secret that puppies love […]


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