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Learn How To Spot A Good French Bulldog Breeder

Tweet Learn how to spot a good French Bulldog breeder and get the perfect dog for you. Here are just a few things to check out about finding a breeder for French Bulldogs if you want a purebred dog instead of a mixed breed dog. There is nothing wrong with mixed breed dogs, they can […]


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Want To Adopt A Chihuahua?

Tweet What You Should Know About Chihuahua Breeders So you are looking to adopt a Chihuahua. Here is a little of what you should know about Chihuahua breeders. The Chihuahua is believed to be first found in Mexico according to folklore and archaeological finds, but in fact their history is puzzling and there are many […]


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Accessories You Need Before Bringing A Puppy Home

Tweet There are accessories you need before bringing a puppy home. You want to be able to have all the things he will need to make him comfortable and feel at home. These are the first items that you puppy will know are his, so he knows right from the beginning what he can chew, […]


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Daddy, Can I Have A Puppy?

Tweet Sooner or later, every parent is likely to hear: “Please, can I have a puppy?” Rather than dodge the question, parents should consider whether their family is ready for a puppy. Parents should weigh the pros and cons of adding a puppy to the household before agreeing to a child’s request. A pet can […]


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Puppy Buying Dilemma: Pet Shop Or Breeder

Tweet The puppy buying dilemma is pet shop or breeder. Which is the best route to go and what are the pros and cons of each. Knowledgeable pet owners, when approached by a novice with the question of where to buy a pet, usually recommend buying from a breeder rather than from a pet shop. […]


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