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The Best City Dog 4: Selecting Your Puppy

Tweet Selecting Your Puppy There is an old theory that man creates dog in his own image. Through selective breeding, people in an area develop the type of dog that fits their personality. And city dwellers have a much different “living personality” than those people who reside in other parts of the country. When you […]


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Dog Pictures: Man’s Best Friend Is Also His Best Photo

Tweet It’s not just about dog adoptions. Here is a special article for the new doggie parents to be. You can join the many parents of a furry ‘baby’ showing your precious furry ‘baby’ pictures. Ask any dog fancier to show you a snapshot of his lovable animal and he’s bound to regale you with […]


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Disposable Dogs

Tweet When it comes to the emotional universe of human-animal relationships, perfection becomes a much coveted goal in the eyes of the dog owner. Everybody wants to have a dog that is in perfect health, perfect confirmation, and with the perfect temperament. But does this ideal canine really exist? While it is true that many […]


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What Are Kennels

Tweet Kennels are enclosures to keep pets in for a period of time. This is to make it more convenient for their owners to do what they need to. Anyone that owns a pet can tell you it is difficult at times to deal with them if you don’t have access to a kennel. They […]


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The Perfect Age To Bring Home A Puppy

Tweet What Is The Perfect Age To Bring Home A Puppy? The day your puppy comes home to stay is often a fun and exciting time. Usually there is something that makes it a special occasion to remember, an occasions adults always seem to be able to call upon no matter how many decades have […]


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