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The History Of Australia’s Dingo Dog

Tweet What is the dingo? Is he a direct descendant of the wolf or is he a wild dog which was once domesticated, then turned wild again? This puzzle is as frustrating as the proverbial chicken-and-egg progression. Genetically, the dingo is homogeneous to the pale-footed Asian wolf (canis lupus pallipes), presumed to still exist in […]


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Buying Guide For Dog Supplies

Tweet Here’s just a little information on buying guides for dog supplies. Just like a baby who needs utmost attention and care, the acquisition of the best supplies for your dog needs some major consideration, too. Here’s how you can ensure that your beloved pet gets the best toys, food, and other necessities. Dog Food […]


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Nightmare Grooming Services – Backyard Groomers

Tweet Like with anything, if you are looking for a dog groomer, Do Your Research. This can’t be said enough. There is always someone out there to take advanage of you as a consumer of dog grooming services. Cruelty among unlicensed “backyard groomers” has been a growing series of unfortunate events in both small and […]


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Designer Dog Clothes



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Dog Grooming Tool Must Haves

Tweet Dog grooming tools are a must have. Even if you just wash and brush your dog. There are special tools that you can use for grooming your favorite furry friend. Here are just a few dog grooming tool must haves: Dog Brushes One of the most important dog grooming tools you should have is […]


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