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A Happy Indoor Cat And Leash Training

Written By: Teri Champigny - Mar• 12•13

A Happy Indoor Cat And Leash Training

Keeping Your Indoor Cat Happy

We all know that a cat that spends most of his time indoors is healthier. Studies show that indoor cats live nearly twice as long as outdoor cats. The risk of accidents and disease are reduced, or eliminated. Your cat doesn’t know this, however, so how do you keep him happy about staying inside and not roaming the neighborhood.

House Cat

First of all, spending time playing with your cat will make him feel loved. It will give him exercise and help work off any excess energy he may be experiencing.

Cats like to eat green things. Plant some cat grass in pots around the house and allow him to nibble from them. This will help take care of his need to eat greenery.

Opening a window that has a secure screen will allow your cat to have fresh air. If you hang a bird feeder within sight of this window, you will find your cat staying entertained for hours on end as he watches the birds come and go.

If you have a porch, tying your cat out on a leash will allow him to lie in the sunshine and breath fresh air. The leash will keep him safely secure so he does not roam and get lost or hurt. This is one instance when it is important to make sure he is up to date on his shots. This will make sure he does not catch any airborne diseases.

Following the above suggestions will help insure your indoor cat stays both happy and healthy—and all those who share their home with a cat know that a happy cat makes for a happy home.

Leash Training Your Cat

If your cat is an indoor cat but you would like to be able to take him out for a walk to give him exercise you can train your cat to walk on a leash. It will require a lot of patience and a few simple rules.

Cat Harnesses & Leashes

A harness is best for a cat. Cat’s won’t respond well to jerking their collar so a harness is really best and should be loose and comfortable for the cat.

First, allow your cat to play with the new items so she gets used to them. Try putting the harness on her and see how she reacts. This step is very important, if you force the cat to wear the harness, they are not going to be happy at all with the harness or with you. Take your time with all the steps. If your cat balks at any step, go back to the previous one. It is a lot harder getting a cat to cooperate than it is for a dog.

After the cat is wearing the harness loose, then it is the time to tighten the harness up until it is the right fit for the cat. At this point, you will want to give the cat time to wear the harness. Next attach the leash. Then you will want to start walking the cat inside, until the cat is doing well. Once the cat is comfortable with the leash then it is time to go outside for a walk.

When walking with the cat make sure there is not too much loose leash or they will be running in all random directions. There are many distractions for a cat outdoors – birds, squirrels and the neighbor’s pets might cause your cat to want to run around, but you must keep a tight leash so that your cat walks with you and is not dragging you all over the place. You will soon be enjoying your outings.

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