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Is Your Dog Annoying?

Written By: Teri Champigny - Jun• 04•12

Is Your Dog Annoying?

Be it a Dachshund or Doberman or a Great Dane, a well-trained dog is a joy to its owner and the friends and neighbors of its owner. A dog which does not receive at least the proper basic training is usually a pain to be around – and even though the owner may think it’s cute, it can be a danger to itself as well as to others.

A dog which will not come to its owner on command can dash into the path of an approaching automobile and be injured or killed and cause the occupants of the vehicle to be injured or killed.

How Can This Happen?

Supposed you were leaving the house with your dog, and since you were just going to get into your automobile you had not put the dog’s leash on it. If the untrained dog sees a cat or another dog on the opposite side of the street it may well run across to chase it or just to be friendly. Will your dog respond if you say “come” or “sit” or “stay”?

What if you’re across the street talking with a neighbor and your dog gets out of its yard, sees you and wants to join the get-together. If there is an automobile approaching will the dog respond to your command of “stay” or “sit” or “down” and therefore remain safe on its side of the street?

What About Breed Type & Temperament?

Size and breed have nothing to do with basic training. A small dog can be just as much a hazard as a large one in these situations.

Good manners are another thing. A Saint Bernard may knock you down saying hello but a Miniature Schnauzer can get under your feet when you have your arms full of packages if it does not respond to a down command.

And when friends come to visit will they have to endure the barking and constant harassment of the dog which is bound and determined to make their evening miserable, or will your dog respond properly to a command?

If You Cannot Spare The Time For Basic Training, You Have No Business Owning A Dog

Training can be as complete as you want it to be. Most dogs can be trained to voice commands, hand signals, or other means of communication. They can be trained to protect your property, alert you to an intruder, attack on command, and a host of other things.

When it comes to your own pet, there is no more excuse for having an unruly dog than there is for having an unruly child. Both need the attention and love required to teach them good manners and behavior.

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