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A Golden Retriever – The Right Addition To Your Family?

Tweet A Golden Retriever, everybody wants one especially since the Buddies movies came out. They are very cute and adorable as pups and still retain that playfulness as adults. They are the forever puppy but are they right for you and your family. Selecting the right pet for you and your family is an important […]


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Choosing The Right Breeder

Tweet Choosing the right breeder is important when you decide to get a new Golden Retriever puppy. The first choice you will face is where to get your puppy from. No matter how hard you try, it’s nearly impossible to know whether or not the puppy you are buying will grow up to be healthy […]


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Adopting An Older Golden Retriever

Tweet Those of you who want a Golden Retriever but aren’t ready to go through the trials and tribulations of a puppy, should look into adopting an older Golden. Older Golden Retrievers are mature, and prove to be great in homes where they need to spend a quality amount of time by themselves. They are […]


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