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Is Your Dog Annoying?

Tweet Be it a Dachshund or Doberman or a Great Dane, a well-trained dog is a joy to its owner and the friends and neighbors of its owner. A dog which does not receive at least the proper basic training is usually a pain to be around – and even though the owner may think […]


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Dog Training: Correct Heel Methods 1-2

Tweet Part 1 Once you have reached the level in training your dog where he is not fooled by distractions or temptation, you are then ready to proceed to the next level of training – how to heel correctly. If your dog cannot walk comfortably at your side, there is no way you’re going to […]


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Training Your Dog – Retrieve Over Hurdles

Tweet Your dog must be reliable in the RETRIEVE OVER HURDLE with the jump low, before you raise it to the required full height, which is one and one-half times the height of your dog at the withers. With certain heavy-set breeds, the required height measurement equals the shoulder height. Place a ruler across your […]


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